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Toy Story 3 is an upcoming 2010 computer-animated 3-D film being produced by Pixar Animation StudiosWalt Disney Pictures. It is the third installment in the Toy Story series and is scheduled for release on June 18, 2010, in the United States.[1] Lee Unkrich, who edited the previous films and co-directed the second, takes over as director. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have been confirmed to return to voice the characters of Woody and Buzz respectively. and released by

We know that the "Toy Story" films are modern classics. There's no question about that. The real question is how do they look in 3-D? The answer is they look amazing. I was stunned that they could take Pixar's animation from 14 years ago, redo it in 3-D, and have the end result look as cool as it does. It truly breathes new life into the animation. It also gives you greater appreciation for what they accomplished back in 1995. You start seeing new details that you may have never noticed before. As many times as I've seen "Toy Story," I never noticed that Buzz Lightyear's wings were translucent, that the moving company was called "Eggman" (a Beatles reference!), or that rain collected on a window could be such a complex image to create. Of course the 3-D does accentuate the flaws of the film like Rex's lower jaw or the crude animation on Scud and Sid. But the story is so engrossing and the characters are so perfectly executed that you overlook any problems it may have. Even at its worst, these films are better than most CG films that have come out between 1995 and now.

According to the terms of Pixar's revised deal with Disney, all characters created by Pixar for their films were owned by Disney. Furthermore, Disney retained the rights to make sequels to any Pixar film, though Pixar retained the right of first refusal to work on these sequels. But in 2004, when the contentious negotiations between the two companies made a split appear likely, Disney Chairman at the time Michael Eisner put in motion plans to produce Toy Story 3 at a new Disney studio, Circle 7 Animation. Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear, indicated a willingness to return even if Pixar was not on board.
Jim Herzfeld wrote a script for Circle 7's version of the film. It focused on the other toys shipping a malfunctioning Buzz to Taiwan, believing that he will be fixed there. While searching on the Internet, however, they find out that the malfunctions are happening to many toys around the world and the company has issued a massive recall. Fearing Buzz's destruction, a group of Andy's toys (Woody, Rex, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Jessie, and Bullseye) venture to rescue Buzz. At the same time Buzz meets other toys from around the world that were once loved but have now been recalled.

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