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Cool ninja action, not the script, make "Ninja Assassin" required viewing for fans of martial arts movies.
For over 1000 years, a secret clan of ninja have been acting as assassins for hire. Highly trained and infused with supernatural powers, they have been secretly working for various factions. Over the years the leaders have taken young orphans and turned them into killing machines. Young Raizo is one such orphan. He was a standout student among his peers, but over time grew to hate the ninja clan. He now finds himself at war against them and on a mission to end their centuries-long reign of terror. He finds help from an unlikely source - Interpol analyst Mika. She is the latest target for assassination thanks to her efforts to uncover the secrets of the clan. Her only hope for survival is to team with the rogue ninja.
"Ninja Assassin" is rated R for strong bloody stylized violence throughout, and language.

source : comingsoon.net